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Wooden Magnetic letters (upper case) | Helps your child read and write | 3+
Letters Activity- wooden magnetic letters
Letter matching activities

Wooden Magnetic letters (upper case) | Helps your child read and write | 3+

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Teach reading and writing to preschoolers and beyond with this beautiful, versatile educational toy.

These are wooden magnetic letters that helps children understand that words are composed of component sounds- it helps children segment and blend words through different letters and sounds easily.

How to use- use for all letter related activities.

1. Color sorting activities- sort by red, blue, yellow and green.

2. Match Upper case letters to lower case letters.

Teaches words and spelling in a fun, hands-on way. 

 What your child will learn

  • Letter and sound identification and isolation.
  • Helps with Phonics system of learning to read.
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Great for word play, rhyming words and more
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity
  • Encourage exploration and manipulation.
  • Helps in visual memory as children feel the shapes and don't just see them.
  • Makes for great quiet time activity

Use them on any metal tray or plate or vertical plane (e.g. cupboard or refrigerator!)

Comes in a jar for easy storage. Comes with free printables for letter-based activities.

Child safe. Used in several preschools across India.