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My First Calendar | Cloth Chart | Interactive Learning | 3+
My First Calendar | Cloth Chart | Interactive Learning | 3+

My First Calendar | Cloth Chart | Interactive Learning | 3+

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My First Calendar is perfect for kids to learn about days and months in an interactive and tactile way!

The attractive and versatile fabric calendar can be attached with loops and brightens up the kid’s room, playroom or even in kindergarten classrooms. Each piece is beautifully embroidered and has a Velcro backing that makes it easy for children to fix and remove.

Introduce your child to the concept of dates, days of the week, month and year. Illustrated pieces showing the weather and season are a great way to observe and talk about the environment and enhance communication skills.

Children can improve vocabulary with names of days, months, seasons and even colours. Arranging the numerical pieces to form the date also teaches basic counting.

Can be used over and over again - no need to replace when the year ends!

Changing the date and looking out of the window to update the weather each morning is an activity kids really look forward to every day! This is one responsibility they absolutely love!

Also builds fine motor skills and dexterity.

What your child learns

  • Introduction to the concept of dates, days, weeks and months
  • Learns about the weather and seasons – awareness of the environment
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity
  • Boosts vocabulary – names of colours, days, months, etc
  • Counting and forming numbers
  • Improves communication skills and open-ended discussion
  • A sense of responsibility

Dimensions-in mm: 480 x 610

As the product has small parts, adult supervision for small children is advised.